Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Also knows as: deciding to use a blog more, and then forgetting about it for several months is sad. My xanga blog is in a similar state of general neglect. So, to update:

Ghosts in the Water failed around page 11 unfortunately. It was nicely surreal, and someday I may give the idea more thought and tackle it in depth, though I don't expect the result to net more than a novella.

Socks, which is (was?) going to be a novela bout a guy and an alien, died because where it wanted to go and where I wanted it to go were entirely different. I wanted a real alien. It wanted to be a tulpa. And thwe family dynamics ended up sucking. Badly. But the first 3 chapters worked, and part of the fourth, so I'll give it a few months and look back on it with fresh eyes.

Working on another untitled fantasy novel dealing with honour, politics, and other such fun stuff. It is NOT set in any middle ages, and I'm actually doing research. It's quite fun, but discovering that dissections were basically a salon event in the 1600s is quite disturbing.