Friday, January 30, 2004

Well, the 2nd novel has been plotting itself in my head. Mostly: What if the supernal existed and they were all morons?

Should be fun. But in the meantime I have this novel to finish ...

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Some Quotes

The wind begins to die down as I reach the edge of the town, a scattering of homes along dirt roads. The snow is falling, and they say everyone of them is unique. I asked Ms. Corman that at school once and she said that they were al six-sided. Which wasn't really much of an answer. Andrew says that they all began begin the same but change in shape as they drft dowards and connect to other snowflakes, so it would theoretically be possible for two to be exact if they fell and connected to all the right snowflakes, the right weather, the right wind gusts, the exact same spot n the ground. Of course, he also said that we can levitate if all the molecules in the body drift up at the same moment so that we leave the ground. I grinned, remembering her face when he told her that just because things are possible doesn't mean they happen. I think he failed that year.

I snagged an apple off of the bowl on the counter and looked at him. "So what brings you over? I thought we were meeting tomorrow night after I finished work."

Andrew hesitated a moment, as if uncertain, then said "The paper."

"I read it today. What about it?"

"No. I mean, it was late."

"Uhm, Pat is twelve. It's bound to happen sometimes."

"He was four hours late, Pete. And he threw it in front of the garage. He never does that."


"So don't you think it's suspicious?" he demanded.

"No. Why would I?"

"It could be -"

"Andrew, please no conspiracies today, okay? I mean, the one about the nuns who are inventing a virus to wipe out all women who are not Raptured and naming it Pandora was a bit much."

"It exists," Andrew said firmly. "The government -"

"Made it? Paid for it? Thinks it has the antidote but is secretly infiltrated by an order of nuns disguised as call girls?"

"Very funny, Pete."

"No, really," I said, beginning to warm to the theme and looking over at the phone. "They have cell phones and call 463 - 3266. Or, GOD - DAMN, for orders."

"Area code 666?" Andrew said dryly.

"How'd you guess? I know - you're one of them! A nun in disguise!"

"Teachers are different," Rachel Tanner said firmly. "They aren't people."

Still slow. Only 17K, and decided to switch to 2nd person narration, because otherwise my plan to have the storyline end by Sunday in it just ain't going to happen - and I find switching POVs more fun.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004


8139 words... not too bad so far. It's coming a lot slower than I thought but characters and events are gelling in my head and I even know who the first death is going to be!

I'll likely start setting specific hours to get writing done in, to push myself. Will see how it works.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Ah, plotting....

<Alcar> I know! I could write a romance!
* Alcar snickers
<Alcar> soap-opera style.
<Chaos`^> all romance are soap-opera style dood
<Chaos`^> you should write pr0n
<Alcar> lol. Do both!
<Rooks> a romantic soap opera pron
<Rooks> same old same old
<Alcar> "Maxine realised that Greg really wasn't greg at all as he penetrated deep intom her and she whrithed as he lifted her off the ground, his breath coming out in heavy pants.
<Alcar> Wetness flowed over here and she could her half-brother Carl, currently a German Sheperd, bark "NO!" and looked down to see that Gregs horns has penetrated her stomach, and that it was blood, and she would have fainted but he was doing things with her intestines that felt sooo good.."
<Alcar> like that :p
<Alcar> but more.... pornish.
<Rooks> and more bowchicawowwowish
<Chaos`^> OMFG alcar
<Chaos`^> You need help, seriously
<Alcar> what?
<Rooks> yes he does
<Alcar> Why?
<Chaos`^> <Alcar> Wetness flowed over here and she could her half-brother Carl, currently a German Sheperd, bark "NO!" and looked down to see that Gregs horns has penetrated her stomach, and that it was blood, and she would have fainted but he was doing things with her intestines that felt sooo good.."
<Rooks> in writing that story :P
<Chaos`^> Those are not normal thoughts dood
<Chaos`^> I'm just gunna put it off as you making fun of how soap operas run out of plots and make up fucked up plots like possession and demons but... fuck man...
<Alcar> what?
<Chaos`^> First of all...
<Chaos`^> Her half brother carl is a german sheperd... WTF? next... he's watching her have sex with some dood named greg, even though she knows he's a demon... THEN the demon penetrates her stomach with horns... but it feels good...
<Chaos`^> none of that is normal
<Alcar> It is if her husband became a demon.
<Alcar> Duh.
<Chaos`^> Alcar, you scare me. seriously, you scare me...

Saturday, January 17, 2004

First Day Done

Well, day one went well.

Word Count: 2230

Though to get 150K in two months I should be doing 2500 a day or so. But the first hour was 1300 words so that's nice. Just need to get the plot rolling and hope it builds itself up ...

Thursday, January 15, 2004

We have a plot!

The plot (well, first chapter) and ending of the novel (which itself is not tentatively titled Tinctures) gelled in my head today. So as of midnight it'll be off to a running start, though dinner plans Sunday may cut down on the wordcount.

So hoping for about 2K a day in wordcount, to keep me a little ahead of schecule. Managed the 50K NaNo in 20 days so it should work. Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Characters and Other Fun Things

Well, starting on character sketches today and the plot is finally coming to me. Starting to hear the voice of the narrator in my head and re-reading brief sketches to get a better feel for who is who and what is what. Should be fun.

Added a writing schedule to the side so people can see the goal, and how far I will be for it.

250K during the summer? I must be mad.....

Saturday, January 10, 2004


Well, have yet to be added to the NaNoWriYe list or forums (sighs) but progress on the plotting itself is going rather well. I.e. I Actually have one :) I think it'll be a rough five days plotting it out in depth since it will require very in-depth characters to pull off but it can be done.

Theme: Horror, preferably with terror as well.

Subtexts: Alienation, why save the world etc.

No Title, but one may come....

Writing Blog

Because I think one would help. There are comments, too!