Tuesday, March 31, 2009

35 pages...

And so far the final(?) novel in the Shuck Cycle is shaping up interestingly. Clyde makes for an interesting viewpoint character and the plot is proceeding along nicely at 20K. I know roughly where the larger plot is going, and have some ideas how to work in other things that need to be tied together. Both Jared and Cassie surprise me, which is a good thing.

Shuck, of course, remains Shuck.

"What are you?"
"A dog. Shuck. Old Shuck, in some human legends that are grossly inaccurate, mind."
"And you don't have a head because --?"
"I lost it."

Fragments of Something

"There is more than just being your blade, my lord."
"Then what good are you?" he asked.
I sheathed the blade in my heart in reply.

My master said, "A sword is not a weapon.
Your sword should be drawn, swift, like claws, teeth,
a threat; a promise of harm to pause action for thought."

I was asked, "Why does your sword not kill?"
And I smiled. "The way the Fallen struggle
to avoid a return to grace."

Shadows see things people do not, moving through dark.
I asked: "How was that not wrong?"
I was told: "If it cannot be defiled, it is not sacred."

Unless it springs from silence, no action is pure.
A voice will only define that,
a love merely embrace it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Random idea I'll never use

If you had a world with a genuine Good vs. Evil war, where the lines truly were clear cut and so forth*, could a war get funded entirely by donations? It probably works best if each side believes they are the side of good, though you could have the side of Evil funding themselves via conquering other nations and so forth.

*It'd be fantasy so one can get away with such laziness.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well, that was a bust

Gloaming, that is. There was the novel I wished to write (A) and the novel I was writing (B). Attempts to convinced B to be A failed, twice. Rewrites failed so I'm shelving the idea at present until I can figure out what I need to change: amusingly, I think I need to ditch the Gloaming aspect entirely, and probably Adrian's family as well, as they currently stand.