Monday, June 28, 2004

Ah, love, let us be true to one another...


A romance story

Okay, geological features, place names and beverages as character names is a staple of romance, it seems. So this is my contribution to the genre.

"Hey, babe," Stalactite said, but New Kemptville had never been able to tell him from his twin brother Stalagmite.

"Hey," she replied. "Sorry I'm late. I was with Paris and Amber, window shopping in Paris. It was fantabulous."

"Oh?" Stalactite gave her a smouldering raise of his gorgeous eyebrows that left her feeling week-kneed, but fortunately only in her left knee.

New Kemptville hop-skipped down the path, returning his stare with one of her own, like liquid water. "I bought clothing," she said, leaving unaid that it was for her ski trip to the Aspens and let his mind wander. His slow smile showed where it was wondering and left her feeling like here were butterflies in her stomach, but they were doing tantric sex.

"I could help you try them on," the hunk offered, the white of his teeth when he smiled reminding her of moguls.

"I'd love that," she said, emphasizing love delicately, like eating a truffle. "But Cliff said he'd rather do it."

Stalactite scowled, his brows moving downward like his namesake. She knew he hated Cliff almost as much as Sedimentary hated Igneous. "I could take Storm, or Gintonic," he said, referring to her own rivals.

Stymied, they stared at each other, wondering who was bluffing, their faces like jewls in the sunshine, and then he laughed his deep belly laugh. "Ah, Kemp. You always know what turns me on...."

Same story.

"You had much experience in other worlds?"

"Excuse me?"

"Well? It's a yes or no type of question."


"You could have just said so."

"I didn't even know there were other Earths!"

"What did you think Faerie was, then? There are a lot of Earths, a lot of Mars's, and even a handful of Mercurys, and that's just this solar system. It's God's way of curing boredom, unless all the realities are meant to be used in a large game of twelfth dimensional pool. "

"Now I know you're joking."

Amanda grinned. "I am. I'm not sure if God was. It's hard to tell sometimes."

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Excerpt from a current story...

"I used tricks, here. Things get noticed when you toss power around, and can't provide good expense claims for the expenditure."

I stared at her. "What?"

"Energy isn't free."

"You have to - to justify energy used?"

"Of course. Well, not right away, but we have to have explanations ready for when we're audited."

"Angels get audited?"

Amanda nodded, drinking her coffee. "Of course. It's the big reason you don't see many real miracles these days. Too many people in the world to look after, so we can't break the budget like we used to in the old days."

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Layout change

Because I could. Though, thanks to it, the previous posts look all wonky due to removal of the <br> etc tags no longer being needed as of this post.

So, writing wise, the LoLaD novel is continuing onward, slowly but surely. The Continuum game is taking up a lot of the LoLaD novels time, but that's to be expected. Once the idea is done and out of my head, I'll finish up the Toon story, work on this novel, and the fantasy spoof novel. And, with luck, finish 'em :)

Thursday, June 03, 2004

There's music in the air...

Or poetry. I like poem/song things, for novels. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just me. So, here is from the LoLaD novel... (Or, more accurately, something that probably won't be in it)

You’re dead and buried in the grave, it’s true.

Not even my love could save you.

They grave’s a cold comfort they say

But you didn’t come back from it today.

How could you go on without me?

The questions will not cease.

Just tell me how, and I’ll be

At peace - and maybe if souls are real

One of us shall be free to heal.

Free of the ideals, making it all unreal,

And able to call it a good deal.

I’ll don a mask of cheer upon

My face; not wonder if you’ve lost or won

I’ll pretend Life is a race with the end forgone,

That we’re all life pawns, that what’s done is done.

My love withdrawn I’ll solider on - and on.