Friday, September 18, 2009

Family Story bit.....

"You don't pay attention to your own past?"
"Our stories are almost all oral; they change as we do, or at least the ones we emphasize do. It's not all that important, Kate. The world is, we are. That's enough for me."
Kate eyed me askance. "I can't tell if that's zen or if you're just lazy."
A nice fun bit from today. 20K into the story and dealing with various implications of Darnell having to inform people he's known that he isn't human. Or, in other words, the Superman/Lois Lane moment of truth: if someone lied to you ever since you knew them (no matter how short that time) could you trust them again? It's a fun concept to explore.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ah, fun!

Working on the Family Story (it has a different title, but that was mostly to give it a title). Edited and fixed chapters 1-2 (3 was left pretty much as is), trashed the start of chapter 4 and now working on it. I'm not sure how long this story will end up being -- most of the major cast has been introduced or mentioned (or inferred, in one case). I've never working on a story from a non-human pov before in depth, so it's going to be fun when his morals and that of the humans he gets to know clash.

Interestingly for one of my writing projects, I am 10K into the second treatment and no one has been killed yet.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fun Editing

So. I am working on a novella, mostly to take my mind off of my NaNoWriMo idea. The first scene came into my head. I wrote it, paused to write three pages of notes to find out what I was writing, continued. Ironically, the continued part flowed better with people so I am probably scrapping/moving the first scene util later and altering the plot as a result. On the plus side, later chapters will likely remain as written (chapter 3 needs almost no editing, plot-wise), but the start becomes pedestrian and the reader doesn't start in the middle of things quite as insanely as originally happened.

All of which means that this project is suffering the same result of all other things I've worked on this year. Get to point X, stop, redo from start. It's not necessarily a bad thing (I think it's better overall) but from a "So, what did I finish this year?" pov it's pretty annoying. I think I've reached a point where I need to plot out an idea a lot before I start writing it, more for an idea of who/what the characters are than with regards to the plot itself. Along with what characters are necessary and what their function is in and of themselves, not just for purposes of plot/story. I think I'll re-tackle Exorcism after nano with a better handle on the secondary characters.

Shall see how it all goes. Now back to rewriting chapter one of the Family story...

Ending this blog

I don't think I can combine the posts from this blog into my regular one, so just ending this blog. I don't post enough to either to justify having two. All nano, attempts as humour etc. posts will just be part of the normal blog.