Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Letter

Dear Edna,

I know I haven't wrote you a letter in two years, but I must plead your indulgence. There was an uprising by the peasants, according to Ronnie, though why birds would be angry with him I have no idea. I sent you three letters last year, but I assume they did not get through since I did not get a reply. I hope everything is well with your Connie and her children. It is a shame about Cathal, but wars always use up our young.

I've been lucky, since Ronnie is In Charge and doesn't have to lead men into battle here. I commented on the loyalty of the men last night, and he made a joke about having poisoned their babies and having the only antidote - he is such a card, even with the responsibilities of Power upon him.

As I told you last time, he took over after the death of Lord Ishin and is keeping the Lord's son safe, in a Tower. I've never been in the tower, because security is very strict: I know Ronnie trust me, of course, but I worry for the poor child sometimes even if my Ronnie does have his best interests at heart. (I do hope the boy can't see the heads of the traitors Ronnie's men insist on mounting on the walls to feed the crows. I've told him it is Unhealthy, but he insists it keeps Morale up.)

Some of the other Lords don't seem to like Ronnie, because one of them tried to kill him at dinner last week! I swear, some people just can't take a joke - it's not my Ronnie would actually burn down a village and salt the earth. My son is the salt OF the earth, not the kind of person to ruin the land. I must confess, though, darling Edna, that I am worried a little.

He's been yelling at people a lot more lately, and once he even raised his voice to me! I didn't give him a smack upside the skull because he looked awfully fierce, as if he had his father's temper. Besides, it would not be good for his Image, and I do worry about him so. I know he hasn't been eating enough lately, and with all this talk about secret heirs to the throne you'd think no one believed Isin's son was up in the tower.

Sometimes I just don't understand people at all, old friend. If your Darryl is still looking for a job, we have opening with the palace staff. They keep leaving ,the Gods only know why! Ronnie has assumed me we have an excellent retirement plan and that the dungeons are soundproofed. he's so silly sometimes, trying to act all grownup around his mother.

Oh, dear. He's threatening to have his men gut one of the servants like a fish again. I swear, just because the doctor said he can't eat fish is no reason to act like a fool! A mother's work is never done.

Yours in peace,


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