Sunday, June 10, 2007


Cold and shivering in this life
    beneath a leaden sky
Holding to the wish that is
    more to do before I die

I wondered at the heroes who
    bound world to will & love
and if a courage like my own
    could ever partake of

And in our dreams so fragile
    of words that never were
I cling to shores but not to ships
    or passions dreamers stir

The world you see so beautiful
    is one I do not know
unlike you with eyes so wide
    I know the world is woe

I know the terrible darkness in
    every heart that ever be
and that what I see is only
    a reflection of me

But that doesn’t mean I hide inside
    from winds that storm and blow
there’s hate and love and all beside
    in each for me to know

The only faith I hold is that
    the world is built on chance
and hand in hand we move as one
    to make or break the dance

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