Monday, December 17, 2012

Writing output for an evening ...

Last night consisted of the following:

1K of notes toward an online game I'm running (and research toward it)

1K written of Ghoulish Happenings in the end. 

Re-reading the one scene from the first draft I plan to work into the new one, starting to add/twist/fix it, so it's  not really new writing insomuch as editing or repurposing.

Fixing a poem I wrote in 2004. Also wrote the first two 'real' poems I've done this year, not happy with either. 

And time spent poking odd byways of the internet, of course. For example, I know know that grawlix is the term forthe string of typographical symbols comic strips use to indicate profanity ($%@*!) and I have no idea what I shall ever do with this knowledge. 

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