Tuesday, May 07, 2013

And then there was today ....

The current version of Boy & Fox is at almost 17K now as Bess, Boy and Reynard Fox reach the outer borders of the Kingdom. The last two major characters -- the king and his son -- will come into play soon and from there? From there we shall see where it all goes. 

I know how the story ends, or at least some beats of it. I don't know how it gets there and I know there's some plot things I need to change but so far the story is holding together. The only thing really slowing it down is that the scenes were Reynard (or Bess) offer up stories about him tend to lead to two days of not writing as I try and make up a story-within-the-story fairy tale. There have been two: I think there will be a third near the novel's end.

Aside from that, I have been able to make use of a little of the 66 pages I hand-wrote in Italy.  From it, a poem-thing I will not be able to use:
I have not walked beneath the hills
Where man nor iron dwells,
Nor seen the clash of sun-drenched wills
Twixt angels fair and fell.
I have not seen a dream lord's snare
Hold fast a night-borne bane,
Nor seen a sword of blood rent bare
Or felt a mist-gods tears as rain.
But I have followed the empty songs
Of nameless children in the Waste,
And held to duty weighted of wrongs
And truth still bitter to the taste.
I have walked paths long left untrod
To tame a dragon's searing flame,
And followed dreams and death where led
To shoulder love – and loss – and blame.
... and yes, even in that version of the story, I have no clue why I put it in :p


  1. Reminds me of the poems in 'The Dark is Rising' series I loved as a kid :D

  2. I think I was reading Robert E Howard's poetry before I went on that trip; it has that sort of Conan-y feel to it. Technically it does include very minor spoilers for Boy & Fox, but I doubt anyone'd notice. And the reference to angels doesn't fit the setting at all, but hey.

    1. It's still neat :) glad you posted it :)