Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fun experiments....

The Dar stories were done in response to a challenge, something I rarely do as it was a month were of prompts; I do a couple of weekly ones since it's once a week and a fun change of pace/source of ideas. The month-long one was fun and I discovered that I can write 2-3 short story treatments in one day, though novel productivity dropped to close to nil. On the plus side, I got some magician series bits done, and Boy & Fox (!) as well. The rest was all taken up by the 'dar stories', a series of sci-fi stories set in an undetermined date and time that involved the life of a mechanic and ended with the possible evolution of the human species -- without him along for the ride.

One thing I discovered is that I really, really like doing serial-stories of this nature. (The magician series counts as one, but so far as no definite ending in mind and has blossomed into something massive and strange.) This story had a definite ending and arcs planned out. It could have been longer -- the docking-station section transits too quickly to the characters being older and the arc-worlds segment really has no other characters to connect with -- but the overall story was solid and worked. And was sci-fi.

The end result was 22 Dar stories, 2 poems (it was a poem/prose challenge, after all), 2 Boy & Fox bits and the last being in the magician series.

I am definitely going to use this for future projects and trying to incorporate it into Boy & Fox a little which each 'scene' feeling like a story all its own, in theory. We shall see how it goes, but I will definitely do another challenge of this nature sometime in the future.

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