Sunday, June 22, 2014

Planning out camp nano....

See, I wasn't going to do Camp Nano (The last two times I did it the results were essentially forgettable), but it's been altered to 'pick your own WC goal' and added private cabins so -- yeah.  The goal is to write 30K worth  of short story material for the magician series: which, to be fair, I'd be working on anyway though not to that extent. In order for it to work I'm throwing in a new character and some odd situations and problems before Lucas runs into Charlie and Dyer and then later the magician and Jay. At least, that is the plan.

Currently trying to figure out Lucas a a character. Did one backstory-story idea that failed, so scrapping it and trying to work out some other ideas. The other characters in the magician series have all left (or abandoned) their families and I want Lucas to be in a position where he believes he can't just walk away from them, even if he technically could.

Lucas is a talent: he has one ability to work magic, but in his case this is the power to put curses on people. Amd he's learning, fast and hard, that he can't undo them and that he has a lot more anger inside him than he ever knew, anger that is finding its way out into anyone who even annoys him ... the results should be pretty fun to write.

I'm also planning to continue Boy and Fox during the same time. Naturally. Progress has been slow and steady; I've been trying to keep the pace in a slower mode so I don't end up with 'wrote 4000 words, only 400 can be salvaged in the next draft' outcomes. Shall see how it all goes :)

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