Monday, May 18, 2015

Prompt: blue or purple

“Jay.” Charlie pauses. “What are you wearing?”

“Well. I want to go back to school for another day and,” I add firmly, “I’ve been listening to lots of articles online about schools.”

“Are these schools based on Japanese horror anime?”

“Schools have uniforms. So I found the school colours on their website and totally made this outfit work!”

Charlie buries her face in her hands. I don’t need to be able to see to know when she does that. “Dare I ask what the colours are?”

“Blue and purple, but they don’t have a uniform right now and their school paper said the outfit they eventually get should be blue or purple because the colours match too much?”

“It is very – ah, bright. Kiddo. You can’t see. Do you have any idea what other students are going to make of this?”

“Nop! Because I’m not using bindings so I won’t know,” I say proudly. “And I solved the colour problem but I kind of had to use bindings and bind light and things together.”

“Oh. I wouldn’t have guessed.”

“It’s both! Because choices between colours are mean to either colour, so I found blurple! It’s blue and purple together like a Jayboss.”

“You found a colour?”

“It took a bit of time, and it was pretty shy but I asked really nice so it’s the colour of my clothing. You said it’s bright?”

“It looks very bright, yes.”

“That’s probably camouflage.”

Sometimes Charlie is really slow at stuff. This time she says: “What is it hiding from?” maybe because she knows me really well!

“I’m not sure. It talks in colour and I can’t see colour so I kind of guessed. I think that, maybe, if an alien rainbow with lots of teeth appears, it might run away?”

“Of course. Amazed I didn’t think of that. Can you get your, ah, blurple, to be a little less bright?”

“I can try,” I say, and then I’m all out the door and heading down the hallway and stairs to get the bus, and a lot of people kind of gasp but I probably moved a bit faster than I should have since if I don’t hurry to school I might get scared and not go and I am pretty Jaysome, which is always a good reason for people to stare at me!


  1. "Jaysome"

    Now that's a term that needs to make it into the urban dictionary...

    1. Jaysome. Jaysaurus. People in tumblr suggest some like Jaysomeawesomesauce and Jay happily adds them to his own list of terms. And uses them in public, and to complete strangers. Though of course they're only friends he hasn't friended yet, in his mind, since why wouldn't someone want to be his friend?!

      ... the best part of the current run of stories with Jay and Charlie together (and the outcome of Jay's tumblr) is the slow, building need in Charlie for a vacation FROM Jay for a whole. Which he won't understand at all :)

    2. Haha, yep, I can totally empathize with Charlie...

    3. Yeah :) Jay has managed to annoy people on tumblr as well. Someone sent a message on how the bots that follow him are people to, so he did a 'HI BOTS!!!' post, and figured the people who responded -- and the one person who replied -- had to BE a bot, or that their bot-self was involved in events. They got a bit cranky over that assertion :) So I sent a message as me (rather than Jay) explaining that Jay IS partially intended to frustrate. He doesn't intend it at all, but there is only so much goofy exuberance people can take :)