Friday, November 06, 2015

Yup Still alive!

Hoy. Heading toward the third act (I think). Charlie just discovered that the reason secret Canadian government agents have been trying to kill her and Jay since they came into Canada was for budget reasons.

It turns out that keeping an eye on the wandering magician and friends was using up too much of their operational budget, and executing them is far cheaper. Hence the attempted murde


  1. Well, I am very reassured now that I know you're still alive ;)

    I hit November 1st with my usual "immediately get sick" promptness, and then took it to an extra level...

    ...and am on antibiotics for mild pneumonia :p

    So, I have exactly zero words towards my NaNo goal so far. I am happy to see you are still the same speed-writing-demon ;)

    1. Ouch.

      And heh: it's actually been slower than previous years, but a good part of that was that the entire middle-chunk of the story was deliberately not plotted. I had 1,700 words of note, and the first 15K used up 1000 words :) I basically know the end-beat, and that's about it from here. Given the emotional power of a few of the scenes I was trying for, I didn't want to plot them in depth since I figured that might kill their strength.

      OTOH, my second nano is possibly not going to be what I was going to write at all :)