Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Start of Jaymas

 “Ah.” Charlie turns slowly to Jay. “Would you like to explain why my sweater is howling at the moon?”

“Oh! I made it with wool from a weresheep with tons of wool.” And Jay beams at that. “It means your sweater might bite and attack meany people too so it’s really usefulicious. And I bet you could make even more sweaters for yourself from it, too!”

“I don’t actually need attack clothing,” she says patiently.

“But it has lots of functions, Charlie.”

“Lots of other functions such as?” I ask, because part of being a magician is catching the meaning under words.

“If she eats some of the wool, she could become a werecharlie,” he says proudly. “And it might turn into steel wool as armour because I did some jaysome bindings on it.”

“I see.” I pause. “And the belt you got me?”

“Dragon scales, but but but they won’t turn into a dragon even if you water them!”

I decide not to ask how Jay found a bonsai dragon. “It’s very nice. But you probably should have warned Charlie earlier.”

“Oh! I’ll do that about your New Years Eve present then, Charlie!”

Charlie stares at Jay, counts to ten. Out loud. “Does it involve fireworks?” she asks.

“Maybe! But also not,” Jay says, and refuses to say anything else about it.

Charlie just thanks him, no doubt planning gifts of her own in return - or retaliation.

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