Saturday, April 30, 2016

Breaking silences

Ack! Been busy. Trying to finish up one novella, wrote the camp story - Wings - and it ended. I did do up a 'things I would fix' file and even put a copy on dropbox for people to read if they wished to. It turned out off, since it had no middle act at all and I deliberately cut out 'here is room for sequels' in the end. The story worked as intended, some of the characters worked, but the entire thing had a rushed feel and I don't enjoy writing that genre enough.

I might try and retry the idea for a modern story some day, though. It would take more finesse to work. but the core was that the prince was born without arms (and being born missing limbs was seen as fighting 'evil' in the womb and winning; conversely, if you were deemed mad, you'd failed and succumbed to evil), and lived out his life, having some skill with Magic, being sent on adventures and eventually, when falling off a roof, discovering that Providence had blessed him with 'wings' where his arms were. And being so very, very pissed off at the idea of being blessed/cured/fixed. It would be harder to tell in a modern story, I suspect, but I might give it a go more as a short story sometime.

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