Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Whole Hugey List of Adventures in ONE Day!!!

  1. I woke Charlie up without coffee
  2. AND then with coffee, which is definitely another adventuring :)
  3. And before that I was waiting for Charlie and Honcho so went outside and bounces in some clouds just like a jayboss does
  4. I even made friends with some owls and got to say owl noises!
  5. Then then then I had breakfast, which is always an adventure and even a double one because of pancakes with bananas and chocolate chip inside them.
  6. (Honcho says having two breakfasts isn’t an adventure, even if it is?!)
  7. Then we left the hotel and I helped fix bindings with some other guests reservations cuz I’m pretty awesomesauce at bindings!
  8. But! one guest was leaving and complanining in a not-jaysome way to the staff so I kinda roared like a jaysaurus and helped sort all that out.
  9. Then Honcho insisted I have another adventure helping the scared guest to the airport since they were kinda crying a little?
  10. And the airport was full of adventures cuz I got to go through a scanner that couldn’t see me and the staff for all kinds of confusled.
  11. So I went through the baggage one too because it was fun!
  12. And I helped two lonely airplanes make new friends.
  13. And helped an airdragon keep hiding, cuz no one else knows that airplane is a dragon but people were getting suspiciousified so I fixed that too!
  14. Then I helped a mom find her son when he want wandering, cuz all airports are connected but! he didn’t go to the Denver one, which is really weirdy you know, so I got him back pretty easily.
  15. Also, one Outsider needed help getting through customs so I totally sorted that out.
  16. Did you know that Charlie says one can’t make friends with the TSA officers? Cuz I did!!
  17. Then I met Charlie and Honcho and helped with a store in a mall that had gone all communist and was trying to give things away on the owner and making people really confusled!
  18. (This was mostly cuz it was forcing them to do long marches for stuff, I think, and Charlie says that’s not really communism and I ‘don’t get marx’ for being extra jaysome under communism! Which was totally a CharlieJoke :D)
  19. Plus I got to help a crosswalk not be cross, which is sometimes tough even for a Jay!
  20. After that, I helped one sidewalk not have many cracks in it too.
  21. And then we had to find some cult and stop them from killing some gods?
  22. Even if Charlie says the god maybe wanted to be destroyed but it was pretty confusing!
  23. Also, Charlie says gods can’t kill themselves so euthanasia is really hard for them and the god kind of went overboard and lots of other gods were hurt too :(
  24. But we fixified all that up and then had Lunch.
  25. Which was TWO adventures because I had two different lunchings! :D
  26. And after the lunches I helped stop someone from getting their purse stolen
  27. And then helped Honcho fix some bindings so the hospital didn’t lose power.
  28. Plus! I made friends with a kitten and helped teach her some really jaysome tricks! (Which Charlie says is at least not as bad the time I made pigs fly!)
  29. And then I helped clean up a weird hopscotch board that had gone ‘all kabbalah’ according to Honcho and was doing really strangey things to kids.
  30. I also fixed a merry-go-round that wasn’t making kids merry even if Charlie says that’s not really what they’re for?! Plus it was in disguise as a carousel but I fixed that too!

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