Monday, July 31, 2006

Fragments of dreams I never had

Diving in the pool to
never touch the bottom,
wheels blurring as legs,
discarded training wheels rusting
somewhere down below.

A note refusing to expand into a song.
Silence. Silence, but for popcorn
being chewed once & yet again,
leaving nothing of ourselves behind.

A mirror thrown away for reflecting
only what was real.
A star pulled down from the sky
granting no wishes
begging to be spared:
it was eaten anyway.

Fireflies turning colours
only seem when hands
press into eyes, pleasure
for the blind.

In the end there is only flesh.

1 comment:

  1. Rummaging through corners and floorboards, finding not what was wanted, but instead discovering
    some unknown, some parlour
    that belongs to someone else.

    The note found attached to the board,
    means nothing in this language.
    A palid green fills his eyes
    as the man in green discovers
    he's been found.

    Vanishing into what never was
    the man in green does not hesistate
    to turn tail and run leaving
    all he had where it still was
    he forgot the gold;
    and the man in green
    curses again, sharply.

    A new home, a new hole,
    the man in green comes and goes,
    but to those who know
    he's lost his gold, a pot he'll
    never find again.

    Until things get brighter, he'll always be the man in green.