Friday, July 28, 2006

S-L 9

Bruises visible for months,
Dark wounds visible
Brighter than the famous red spot.
Two years of waiting and it falls,
Pieces of debris, less than a month of data,
And not enough water seen;
Even Shoemaker-Levy didn't go deep enough.

Reading about results is surreal,
Disturbing; destruction on a grand scale.
Satellites moving to take pictures,
Feeding wonder. But, ah - did any of them
Think to send a warning to Jupiter?
To tell people, if any were that, that the sky
Was going to fall, the comet collide?
Only the silence seems deafening.

The delight in destruction seems
A terrible kind of art. I wonder if silence
Will prove our undoing. a judgement
Cold and pitiless, for what we never did
And never once thought to do.
All true regret is for things undone.

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