Saturday, January 06, 2007


Home is where the heart is, saying
Uttered by those who never leave.
Mine is stranded, piggish; rotting on
The island where she never leaves.

After a goddess, returning to my wife
Is hollow, less substance than dreams;
All women are goddesses says the Captain
Whose madness bade us follow dreams.

"All women can be Circe," he said.
"Or Helen; all men Paris - you understand?"
But nothing remained of our world.
He came by the ship late one night, saying:
"I wonder -- must we leave to find new dreams?"

And all I said was -- "I understand."
Hoping for a goddess as a wife,
Knowing my dreams mad in this world.
All of us came, following our Captain,
Looking only for uncharted waters
And things we cannot understand.

[And here we are. The last poem from 2006!]

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