Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thoughts on 2006 ....

This is not a poem, damn it. Which, in some respects, sums up the end of the year quite well. I'm still a little stunned I managed to complete such a project, and know I'd never make the attempt again. As for the attempt itself, my reactions tend to be mixed.

I had a lot of fun writing some of it, there's a few poems I really liked and went: "Hah! Yes!" over, but for the most part (unlike most years) nothing really stands out. There were good poems, but no great ones. Even so, it was a fun experiment, and those who came along for the ride can breathe sighs of relief that is is over :)

In 2007 (aka now) I'm turning the blog into a short story one. The goal is to post 1 short story every 2 weeks, 3000K workds max, and use it for that. What it will be in 2008 is unknown....

I'll still post some poems, but not as many of course.

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