Friday, August 17, 2007

Invisible Friends

The place I wait for you in dreaming
Tunnels of forgotten memories
Being seeing loving dying
The teddy you'd discarded cries

Turn out your lights look under your bed
But I'm not here or there
Not anywhere but in your head
Take a chance make a dare

Accept me believe in me
Get to know yourself you can
Be me and see me and hate me and fear me
You always catch yourself. It don't matter how fast you run

It's all over but for the screaming
Are you dead or are you dreaming?
Is this real or just a seeming
In your eyes are there tears gleaming?

I'm hiding here in your dreams
In places fey and strange
Don't try to drown me out with screams
Everything moves everything changes.

You forgot me you reviled me
And I'm returning you the favour
You're my invisible friend. Don't you see?
You must, you must, so I can savour

All the fears all those years
When you'd forgotten me
All that pain and wasted tears
I rip out your eyes and you see

I'm the invisible
The invisible friend
The one made visible
Only, only in the end

Do you love me?
Do you fear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you see?

You spurned me and ignored me
And wished that I was dead
But now I'm out here and now I'm free
And you're inside my head

Sometimes the lie becomes the true
You wait for me in my sleep
But I won't forget you
No, I can't forgive you
And I love to hear you weep

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