Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quiet Destroyer 2.41 - Hippikaloric

This is I and the Flux
a thing not to be nameless
yet unnamed

As rivers flow to sea,
So Flux to me, and I to he.

Sitting on the couch eating
crisps, watching banality --
and then he! driving me onward,

Some things are
too terrible for words:
As names give power,
so demean.

It began with a paper clip
and fists. Frisson and fear,
Flux and Mind, but fallen;
too human, here, the Flux
fists, breaking things

such power, and yet
all he is: this! brute
strength, brute inhuman strength.

Alien and terrible,
yet humbled by a trick --
ever the barbarian
fooled by a ship, flashing lights
little things.

He is no better than us,
to solve problems with force.
He is no greater than us
in seeing no other way.

I walked away the first day,
Even if I lose, the barbarian invader
For a moment Flux saw the splendour

but a barbarian can only destroy.

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