Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Preparing for the second hurdle ...

I haven't added to Ghoulish Trappings in two days. Hit the 26K mark and the story is flowing together so I let it simmer a bit in the back of my head and worked on other things. The story is flowing, the plot coming together and the big hurdle of a first-person pov is slowly rearing its ugly head.

The entire story is from Wray's POV. One of the major antagonists (i.e. people who want him and Bryce out of Prince George) is a behind-the-scenes sort of person. I plan to have her show up in the the story soon but without Wray really catching on to who she is and what she's done. It is an interesting balancing act between her desire -- quite sensible -- to not be noticed by a monster that has reasons to e cranky with her and could snap her neck with little effort and having the reader go: 'WTH?' at the same time Wray figures out what is going on.

OTOH, the other characters are working just fine and the tensions between various magicians and factions within them are fun to hint at. I have a couple of characters who still have to set up onto the stage and after that I will see where the story takes everyone and who is still around once the dust settles.

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