Saturday, June 01, 2013

Flash fiction Friday: Occam was an idiot

Because the monkey prompted me, and I am a sucker for prompts ...

In this case, it would be incorrect to assume Occam’s Razor. Mostly cuz Occam used to it to justify God as the simplest solution to near anything, when the Devil fits better. Thing is, see, if you have a problem the simplest solution is to no longer have a problem. And if you don't think it's easy to kill yourself, you've never given the matter much thought.

I had. It passed away some afternoons. A few evenings. TV shows helped: the amount of sick ways to off yourself shown on TV has to be some kind of suicidee paradise. Thing was, you know, I had other solutions to my missing phone. E-mailed a friend, told them to call me, found it. I didn't tell them they'd saved my life, because that sounds damn stupid.

But I had a game of Angry Birds to play, and Occam could go screw himself as far as I was concerned.


  1. I love this one too :D You've got some great voice, Alcar ;)