Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Plotting proceeds precisely..

I've written 4,300 words in the Curdled Magics plot file. (The other file for the novel has 5,100 words at present, and there's another 1K on fae and weird critters that will be folded into that once I finish it up.) I am not a good plotter. It's all point form and there are lots of notes about 'insert Stuff here, add scenes involving X here' and a lot more that exists only in my head, like the idea of the goddess of a coffee shop manifesting near novel's end as a call back to her brief appearance earlier.

For me, this part of the process finds plot holes. EX: the story said 'Curse sends magician and Charlie to deal with Family'. And that was it. I had to figure out how they did that and to what extent they managed it. As such, what would have paused the novel for hours in writing only paused it a day in plotting as I figured out a rough way for Stuff to happen. I'm currently letting the plotting sit for two days as I figure out plans for the second half of the novel and the extent to which Sunny Creek is going to kick their asses. The magician is definitely losing one magical duel badly, beyond that I'm not sure at all. Which is half the fun of plotting, after all. I'll have a frame up by the end of it but nothing nailed down and leave the story with a lot of room to surprise me.


  1. Haha, so THAT'S how you do it ;)

    So, after letting it sit 2 days, will you work on it more before November hits?

    1. Pretty much. I'll let ideas gel, add a couple if notes to the early stuff and spend ~4 days typing up notes for the last half of the novel. And then wait. Badly :)