Sunday, December 08, 2013

December funmas

Having been bugged into trying my hand at a screenplay I decided to go for broke and create an entire kids tv show, possibly. I've done about 5500 words of background, the setting and character files as if it was being done up for others to add to and improve upon it. I am currently waiting on paypal to transfer monies and then shall buy Scrivener and begin building actual stories in that. This is mostly an experiment for the sheer fun of doing it rather than going 'I will make this and pitch it at people and They Will Buy It' that's also keeping my brain occupied from working on edits on Ghoulish Happenings, since I don't want the holidays to interfere with that and they will definitely do so.

Also reading one book on making screenplays and plan to read another, though I suspect the ambition -- to make an entire tv series -- far oustrips ability at this point. It should still be fun to do and probably fit the idea rummaging in my head rather well. It is very much in the embryonic stage: I have the one one main character and his family figured out but I'm still working on the others and the villains as well. By choice I'm trying to avoid any Chosen One tropes and try and have fun with the concept of hunting monsters and how such people get raised ....


  1. hi you - I've taken screen writing - the best book is Save the Cat and good for you - I should get scrivener but I don't have the patience to learn it. Sounds like you're doing well

    1. Ah! I had a copy of How to Write a Selling Screenplay at my place, so read that. Did browse stuff on the net about other books after reading your comment and found out that the premise of Save the Cat was one an MC already uses in the first episode [he saves a dog some thugs are abusing from harm] so I did that without even knowing it was a Thing :)

      Am getting Scrivener tonight, so shall play with it over the weekend and see how it works and flows together. I'd avoided getting it for the same reason: the time spent learning it is time I could have spent on writing, after all. Shall see how it goes and how much I like it ....

  2. You'll like it Im told - especially if you use a mac