Monday, December 01, 2014

Brain == Dead.

So. Turned out this year was the most I’ve ever written. (2009 was 3 different nanos all a shade over 50K). This year had the magician series second novel Drowning Magics at ~60K for its first draft. The pre-nano idea that became Loss & Gain was 50K, complete in itself with no sequels or anything planned. Too Many Murders got shelved for another time [doing a murder mystery without planning doesn’t work for me] and the literature-style One Night ended at 16K words as a novella — I could have continued it, but only with rubbish so I figured it was best to end and then redo at a later date. The rest of the month was other stories, mostly end-pieces that might  become part of Drowning Magics. So, technically, I did two nanos and one collection of stories centered about themes of forgiveness, so it wasn’t all that bad.

I doubt I’ll ever do this much again, but that’s what I said in 2009. 2015 will be slated for the first draft of the third (and final?) novel for the magician series.

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