Thursday, December 04, 2014

Facebook status updates part XXIX (Nov 2014)

Nanowrimo 2015. 1.5K so far.
A character just explained his theory that magicians are afraid of the Internet because YouTube is more magical than magicians could ever hope to be.

Results of this mornings moment of research:
'Knowledgeable sources who believe Dog-Wee Death is real say it goes down in several different ways'

The surreal moment in writing in which one character explains the concept of a One True Pairing to another and uses, as the most obvious example he can think of that, there there is an OTP about which ghost (Past, Present or Future) Scrooge sleeps with during a Christmas Carol.
... I refuse to check the internet and find out if this actually exists.

Good writing moments: the point where you figure something out, realize it seems a bit of a cheat/cop out and then realize why it's not because of other stuff you've set up in the story.
Always nice to realize your subconsciousness was way ahead of you.

Always fun when you come up with something nicely stupid only to find people think there should seriously be a reverse microwave that cools things...

You know your novel is getting odd when you find yourself seriously pondering the socioeconomic status of the hardy boys.

Hot Yoga, he discovered, was not the best name for a superhero with flame-based powers.

It took weeks to get the discount card from the store; you have anecdotal evidence they probably checked out your dreams, interviewed your friends and tried to make certain you we're the kind of customer they wanted to return before issuing it.

From WIP:
"Mom keeps pressing the cook to be all organic this, natural that, meals based on fad diet plans and stuff she reads in magazines. I think the one she’s currently focused on is called the Jurassic Diet, where you only eat what dinosaurs ate or something like that."

Once upon a time there lived a king who thought himself wise and studied all the arts of psychology to better understand the mind of the queen he would eventually marry; they aided him not in the end.

Brother (after knocking on door): "I made steak."
Me: "Writing NaNoWriMo."
Him: "... steak."
Me: "Leftover pizza. Also, writing. Bye."

Sometimes, just sometimes, I post things in the hope that you never read them.

"Grind your enemies. See them cower before you. Hear the lamentations of their stockholders."
- Starbuck, god of Fishies

Me: brain is far past fried. Trying to do 2 weeks of work in a day at work is unfun
Me: The manager had to murder me (twice) to take lunch.
Me: .... uh. I meant to type inform. Not murder.

From WIP:
“I’ve never been in a cab and had the driver compare the towel boys of baseball teams as part of an analysis of the teams performance before."


"You must defeat the Dark Lord and prevent him from summoning up an army from the Pits of the Nether Abyss before the night of the dark moon. If you fail in this not only will his army ravage the world but all our homes will be devalued."

From WIP:
The kraken is floating in the toilet of the men’s bathroom, its body visible in the water in the way chemtrails are in the air. Small tentacles undulate into the air like a group of octopuses doing the wave. Two beer isn’t near enough to deal with this.

They named her Sorrow
Even when she tried to bring joy
Not understanding her own failures
At every report card
At every teacher meeting
At every note she brought home
At every time she failed the simple world.
(Her parents drank.) (Before and after.)
They named her Sorrow and explained
Not a single thing at all
As if bottles would explain truth
As if hate wasn’t birthed in shame
As though all their faults in silence
Could tell Sorrow what joy was.

Our love is like Lego pieces
Puncturing our feet

From WIP:
You ever get to that point where you don’t love someone enough to leave them?

It is often too easy to mistake the desire for vengeance with that of justice.

I know we said we loved each other
But I don’t think either of us read
each others Terms of Service and
our agreement was clicking yes
So you don’t get to be mad about
Where I installed those webcams


From WIP:
“There are few things more terrible than knowing you can do anything to someone and they will forgive you for it,” Charlie whispered. “I think I’m starting to understand better why the magician couldn’t stay with us. Unconditional love is one thing, but forgiveness? That is too much, too much to bear by far. And Jay may never understand how deeply he destroys us with that.”

We replaced the word love with ebola
And improved every poem in the book

After the world ended, the only things left behind were lawyers with no one left to sue.

"I can’t tell you the truth. Mommy said I’d get into trouble if I make you cry again, but mirrors never break when beautiful people look into them."

we have scars we never know
where ghost fingers claw into us
the dead have no fingers, can only
grip tight in desperate silences

Vegetarian Hell
- a definition of thanksgiving

"I've decided to tell people I'm a jaysaurus," Jay says proudly.
"You mean when they ask too many questions about you?"
"Oh, no. I just mean in general!"

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