Monday, February 09, 2015

Charlie post on tumblr..

Things we did today.
  • had breakfast (pancakes at a waffle house)
  • Chatted with a lonely ghost in a park, which Jay able to get close and not destroy the ghost. For which he was terribly proud of himself since we still have no idea why ghosts are exorcised just by Jay walking through them.
  • Had a snowball fight, which Jay let me win. I pointed that out, he claimed he hadn't, I said I had seen him drop a snowball at which point he flung himself into my for a hug and cried without tears at trying to lie even if it would make me feel better.
  • I dumped a snowball down his coat in response. he spent a good half hour sulking at my 'cheating'.
  • Found a rabbit that had died in a trap. I broke the trap open (eating the state of it being locked) and Jay tried to somehow bind the rabbit back into life, but it doesn't seem possible. I stopped him from trying a third time and used my nature to call up the god of rabbits, who agreed to restore the rabbit to life in exchange for a future favour -- from Jay. He, of course, said yes.
  • (I'm trying not to think too hard about what the god of rabbit could want; gods can restore the dead, but the cost is an astronomical amount of their power -- to say nothing of the continued cost in keeping the miracle active. Jay, as always, trusts too damn easily.)
  • We had lunch as fast food while driving to another town. I checked Jay's tumblr twice for him to make sure everything was OK. I am definitely not going to try this method again, but I think I got through to him about pushing bindings too far on others. Always hard to know how much of this is Jay understanding things vs. not wanting to make his friend (me) mad with him.
  • Got a message from a fae about some rogue gremlins who were hiding in an autobody shop doing anti-gremlin acts. Keep machines live past their prime, keep them working when they're broken. Break entropy enough in an area and they'd tear open a hole in the universe and let something from Outside in past the usual safeguards and protections (which include immigration policies, I've been told.) We dealt with them easily enough, though I have no idea what their end goal was.
  • Pizza for supper, I read Jay part of a book and he listened to the radio after.
  • A good day, all told.
- Charlie

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