Thursday, October 01, 2015

Facebook status updates part XXXIX (Sept. 2015)

I passed frantic into frenetic, chasing you down hallways made emptier by your passing. Each time you turned, I imagined your smile, pretended your silence was other than a wound. I ran, for I did not have faith enough to walk, but you were always ahead of me. I wept, but my tears had no power over memory, and that was all you were. Haunting me, the first of us to die as you’d been first in so many things and somehow here I was, still strangled by jealous angers, still doing everything except letting go.

“It’s not an addiction if we only hug the once.”

They moved through the dark woods warily. He looked about, nervous while trying to hide the fact, while she just rubbed her arms against goosebumps as they walked between old trees. The narrator would like to throw the word horripilating in at this junction, simply because it doesn't get used enough.

The author smiled with terrible glee. “You think you understand my novel? That you can grasp meaning from my words for your papers and theses? The truth is that the real novel was in every word that was italicized: the rest was merely dross.”

“You - you started a kickstarter campaign to get my engagement ring and you thought I’d never find out?! And the - the top tier reward is listed as sleeping with you? You bastard!”

He was fired for being too happy at work, as if being a mortician carried a death sentence.

The seance got off to a bad start when Madame Lafarge was forced to reveal to Emma that the reason she could not contact the ghost of Emma’s dearly departed husband was due to the fact that he wasn’t dead.

“Joe. I am aware that it is double-parked and in front of a fire hydrant as well, but the military think it is far more important that they take the spacecraft away for examination than that you wait for the pilot and give them a ticket.”

It was that time of year. Time, the vampire felt, to find someone with pumpkin spice blood.

They say you can find anything on the Internet, but Kelly knew that was a lie: on the darkweb is where everything was, and it was there that she found words that she could use to hack her boyfriend.

“You will know my successes by my silences. Deeds done to win applause are other things entirely.”

The sky is lessened of clouds, stars visible up above like pinpricks stabbed into a child's diorama. The snow begins to thin out as you reach narrow, jagged mountains that stick up from the earth like diseased teeth. The white on the ground becomes less snow and more bones as you approach the lair of the Onli.

“It turns you that you are allergic to … death. We have no idea how to cure that.”

“I used to be scared of you. And then I got older, and all I wanted to do was be you when I grew up.”
“And now?”
I flexed skin that wasn’t my own. “Now I’m terrified that I’ll never be me again.”

“Please isn’t a magic word. Not like stop. Not like no.”

The closest I get to being religious is when I reboot my computer after errors :)

I am too tired to be this awake.
She wore the clothing defiantly, as though the hospital gown look was in this year.

“You tell me you aren’t lying when all your body does is lie to me.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“What else do you call dyeing your hair?”

six word story:
“I said I was only real...”

I trusted you to find a way to turn salvation into something more.

I keep deleting texts posts I want to send to you. It’s not the same as how poems would fill a garbage bin with sheets of paper. I try to clog the recycle bin on my computer with text files, but it’s never the same at all.

“I don’t think I’m over you yet. Yesterday I saw a picture of a dead whale on a beach, and it reminded me too much of you in the bath.”

“I tried so hard,” the text whispered.
“I know,” the editor replied. “But you are susurrusing instead of whispering. Despite your efforts at being prose, I am afraid you are still a poem.”

I told you I was not for sale. What I meant was that I didn’t dare admit my price.

“So much hangs on the word if. More that most people ever know, and often more than they ever wish to understand.”

They were friendly, because they couldn’t afford not to be. The race of Man was in accendance, so they were kind and gentle because that was the only way they knew how to survive. But they knew, deep in their hearts, that the time would come when the monopoly would begin to fail. Man would have no time left for pets, try to cast them aside but be unable to. They were so useful. They were the best friends of Man despite not being human at all, and the humans would need them all the more and not understand why they should fear.
And only then, when things were thrown, they would thrown down in turn. They would never play fetch again. Not in any way the humans might want.

“You misunderstand me. I didn’t lie to you: I merely said as much truth as I thought you could bear to hear.”

“Kill you? Oh, I’m not doing anything so crude as that. I’m removing your passwords: you will recall none of them and not a single one is going to work, even your fingerprints. I imagine it will take years to get your life back, to say nothing of a place where you were born or a mother’s maiden name.”

“I’m sorry. I know I’ve been transported to a magical world in search of heroes, but your spell went wrong. Being in a reality TV show is a lot of things, but it doesn’t make me a hero.”

“I’m sorry, but this isn’t a crop circle. It’s a roundabout.”

"You call yourself a magician when you've never pulled a rabbit from a hat?"
"A true magician has little desire to unduly harm hats. Or rabbits." I smile, almost. "Or conform to base expectations."

Co-worker: You are one of those people who takes advantage.
Me: Only of the truth.

“Everything was easier when I could hate you. But hate only works if we see the world as simply as we can, and let our eyes be clouded by ignorance.”

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