Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nanowrimo 2015

8000 words of notes (and pre-stories) so far. Some of which is trying to get my brain to stop coming up with scenes for nano. The plan this year is two nanos. The third volume of the magician series novels, called Lagan Magics, and then a space opera sci-fi story called Peace Crimes.

The former is about the wandering magician curing Jay's blindness, a god attempting to take over the world and finally an encounter with the Order that made god-eaters. It wraps up a lot of stories, sets the stage for the future of the characters and is intended to end the series. I will definitely do more short stories in it, but I think that will end the novels. Possibly.

The latter is a space opera about humans and aliens, about wars and the methods to win them. At the core, it's about the monsters people create and the fear that engenders worse monsters. And about  how one can judge a society not by how it treats the least among them, but by now it treats those it doesn't admit exist at all.

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