Friday, December 01, 2006


Morning comes, and we wonder who we've been.
Another night of lost memories waking to false dawn.
If we could only know, if we could only see
Look down on you and me, eyes and thunder in the skies:
Another cheap light show they say and we say: "Hey!"
Loud as we can be: "Our gods a pretty swell guy."

Evening comes, brining night and promising sins
Saying it'll be all right, a brothel is an inn.
If we could only try it might be safe to cry
But the god can always see, knowing when we lie
And their cheap delights don't mask an STD or three.
We know it can't be right but we're so very lonely.
Judgement comes tonight and I wonder who we've been
And pray our god's sight won't look too far within.

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