Thursday, December 21, 2006

What We Saw, there.

      4: Dissolution, the pulling away.

It's the scientists who ask, white
garbed, the dark questions:
did we kill the parents, then, or
some children lost in a storm,
finding our unfriendly world?

We have no answers, just
armaments and fear, building
to crescendos of lost funds
funnelled into secrets that
we can never speak of.

Every night, when I tell her
"Nothing", about my day,
or "Same old, same old",
I can feel my wife pulling
away from me, hearing
the lies underneath.

They made us sign oaths,
I want to say, just once!
Vows about what we'd seen,
more binding than any
marriage contracts, deeper
than love or law: threats
and promises. And I'd say:
I could not bear to see
you hurt, but I never
say a single word.

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