Saturday, September 28, 2013

Today's writing bits...

I think I  know what the first scene will be for nanowrimo. (And possibly the first line.)

I wrote a poem about spleen art. (Blame tumblr.)

Working on the magician series novella (Road Trip) as well as scribbling down notes toward another short story in the series. About to grab more coffee, so here is an exchange between Charlie and Jay that I might never actually use [I will probably nix 'of the sides' when I do, since Jay'd turn it into thides.]:

“Why are you smiling?”
“I’m hanging fun out of the sides of my mouth.”

Now to write about Charlie driving a car at 200 miles an hour down an interstate ....


  1. Spleen art? Uhm, okay.... gross... :P

    Ohhh! Now I want to know what kind of car Charlie is driving!!!

    1. The car Charlie found for the trip was a beat-up station wagon that had seen better decades and could probably have been re-purposed as a tank with little effort. She claimed it was a selling feature and we could run over monsters and cultists that way. It even had wood panelling on the inside and seats that had been recovered in fabric from seventies orange and brown couches. I decided not to ask if she’d bought it as a mercy to the owner.
      A nicely ugly one :)

    2. Spleen art was a joke because the tag 'toe art' is more popular on tumblr than poetry (I was told) so I decided to do a toe art poem then suggested to someone that we branch out to spleens and such. It was nicely silly :) Ah, found it.

      I barely knew what a spleen was
      until I removed yours

      We can live without spleens
      Just like without hearts —
      But not stomachs

      (there are too many poems about hearts)

      And this says something
      But I don’t know what
      Only that I saved you
      From hospital payments
      And DIY organ removal
      can (almost) be love.

      I should not have used nails
      To pin your skin back,
      But nails, too, are art.

    3. Okay, creepy, but I LOVE it! when are the gallbladder and appendix poems coming out?