Thursday, January 02, 2014

Best tumblr posts of last year ....

Organized from December - January.

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    Every day, paper and coffee, at the table
    Sitting as close as lovers, as estranged as strangers.
    Our children talk as if our lives were fables,
    And I turn to you, and wonder who believes it’s true.
    Every day, we smile by reflex in mornings.
    Every day, we sit in the same places, and repeat
    The same phrases, neither of us mourning
    Who we used to be before we were you and me.
    We gave up love for contentment,
    Pedestrian friendship all that is left in the end.
    I hid all the Valentines I never sent —
    When I see you I don’t see how they’re true.
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    And having wrote a thousand poems
    That no one liked at all, they said:
    I have not been understood, I am
    finally a poet after all.
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    Dark Matter
    Dark matter is the iceberg
    Of lives barely visible, surface tensions
    rippling through magic volume unseen,
    unknowable, but still real.
    The urban myth is that
    90% of the brain goes unused.
    Yet 90% of the matter
    In the universe is unseen.
    You think this is coincidental?
    You think it doesn’t matter?
    Think again. Everything matters.
    Poets would say that love is dark
    matter barely visible, because poets
    think too much about love,
    and write it the way they write loss.
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    Like most serial killers, he started small. Not wanting to harm animals, he began unfriending people on facebook instead.
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    Internet Dating
    What does it matter where I’m from?
    Hiding under hostmasks we
    Could be anyone.
    But you always ask, trying to establish
    Some kind of continuity
    To mesh with your wish.
    How can I think you’re real? You are only a
    Photoshop face lying to me
    But you look so lonely.
    It all ends in tears, that’s the way it goes
    And whether you loved me -
    I know I’ll never know.
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    The taming of the children was
    Not simple at all because
    They’d learned life from TV:
    A kind of rarefied reality, you see.
    They thought they could be
    Absolved of all worries:
    In 30 minutes, or two parts,
    All matters of the heart
    Would be solved and I
    Found I, too, liked this lie,
    So each day we watch TV, and
    Live in a land we’d long to be.
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    Your skin is skin, smile just
    that curving of lips, a hint
    of teeth & the poets who
    turn it into flowers and sun,
    make it animals and dreams,
    who see the rapture in you
    leave me wondering if they
    see you.
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    In a moment’s fury
    I hated you, stole
    your heart, and dug
    into your flesh, pulled
    and you never noticed.
    You kept smiling, talking,
    told me you loved
    said we should marry.
    I wonder, I must,
    what might occur if
    I stole your soul.
    If you would notice.
    If souls are real.
    I’m scared to try.
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    There are sadder words in English —
    Deeper too, that rend and tear,
    But: “I used to be a poet”
    Holds bleakness all its own.
  10. 38 notes
    Every time I see you
    You seem half-bent
    Broken under your need
    For self-gratification
    Masquerading as destruction
    “I’m not like you,” you say
    Too clear face sun-bright
    But you never tell me
    What you think I am
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  12. 23 notes
    There is a moment before the burning begins. The brief, fragile hope that you might escape, might not burn, that even fire can be kind.
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