Sunday, January 26, 2014

Now back to editing after this ....

And done the first draft of another story in the magician series — well, the Charlie/Dyer stories in that universe. As with all the other ones in that set, the title is based on the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. There are 64 of those. I have no idea how many stories I will actually write in the charlie series sequence but I doubt I’ll do 64 of them.

At some point, this series will cross back over with the regular magician series stories. If only to see how Dyer handles being asked to look after Jay while the magician and Charlie go off to talk, drink, and catch up on their lives.(I originally wrote, as a typo, ‘catch up with their lies’ and I imagine they will do that as well.)


  1. ...isn't that what we used to do?

    1. It is going to be about the magician and Charlie finally patching stuff up between them; and Jay attempting to make a new friend. Since Jay destroys ghosts by touching them and Dyer is a ghost it should be nicely fun to write. The stories do have an arc planned, and a second novel is rummaging about in my head vaguely right now.