Saturday, January 25, 2014

Output of the day ...

  • Wrote 4 poems, one a prose-poem in the magician series.
  • Wrote a bit of stream of consciousness fun.
  • Wrote a meta magician series piece in which Jay writes a My Little Pony fanfic and has the magician read it. (No, really, I did that. I had to do research on My Little Pony for this. Never let anyone tell you a writer doesn't suffer for their craft :)
  • Plotted out the next story of the Charlie/Dyer sequence in my head. May write it later tonight. 
Also, I read a few more pages in the Ghoulish Happenings draft. Will begin edits on it next month in earnest. 


  1. *snort* 'sonic rainboom' indeed...

    1. Yeah; the idea of Jay writing that fanfic and forcing the magician to read it was just too much fun to resist. At some point I'll likely post all the tumblr meta story bits here as one silly post.