Friday, August 08, 2014

Facebook status updates part XXVI (July 2014)

It’s raining a little as we get outside and I let the rain hit me, pretend it can wash away anything that matters. I want to say: “Look, Kells, I’m not crazy,” but I have this suspicion only crazy people say that.

“People always say the word has monsters in it, but if you took people and offered them a power that was truly monstrous – to control people, perhaps, or curse them with pain and agony, there is almost no one who would accept it. The world has fewer true monsters in it than anyone supposes.”

"Wait, that's it? I can curse people and you just have me destroy garbage and leave?"
"I have taught you to walk. Only you can teach yourself to fly."
She actually says that with a straight face.

"I have devised a new strategy, gentlemen. From now on our armies can only invade countries if they are devoid of a Starbucks."

“You are not welcome in my house, Boy, and I will do the most terrible thing I can to you, also in the name of truth. You are yourself, and you will remain that until you die, and there is nothing more terrible a witch can do to anyone but to leave them as they are.”

Daddy keeps telling us he is not a monster
In a voice so softly sad
But the TV is full of yelling people cursing
His pay-day loan company

"Who do you ship?"
"Ship? Uh, the titanic?"
"You monster!"

This is sitting in my file for the Lucas stories:
"But if Jesus came back he would get rid of handicapped parking spaces!"
... I have no idea who was supposed to say it, or in what context.

I am tired of biting my tongue
of words that want to bleed

"This seems too weird, even for a dream."
And that was the last thing he ever thought.

"I used to be a hero, until they unionized."

Sometimes, just sometimes, it is a very nice feeling to burn bridges even a little bit. If only to see what falls into the water.

You say we are a couple
But all your pictures
Are selfies

Things I did at work this morning:
Built a Thomas the Tank Engine water and coal station and the Sodor Roundhouse out of a huge basket of parts.

"It is important to remember, but I think it more important to forget. There can be no forgiveness without a forgetting."

We whisper secrets to each other
As if we were made of nothing else

The interview
"I used to tell stories that weren’t lies."
And the writer said nothing else at all.

"Dear, I know you mean well but I’d rather you stop telling people about the deal I got on my bikini wax,"
"Why not?"
"Because it is called a Brazilian, not a Gaza Strip."

"You call yourself cultured?" The lady snorted, eyes locked on the young man.
"I do, because we all carry many cultures within us."
"Superstitious nonsense from the lower orders, I see."
"I meant bacteria."

"I am obsessed, you know. I obsesses over truth like a poet, but one who knows that poetry never matters at all."
"What kid of poet is that?" Boy asked.
"The honest kind."

"There she is! I told you she’d come back!"
"This feels so very wrong."
"Oh, be quiet and hand me that BB gun. Five dollars says I can take out Mary Poppins umbrella from here."

The AI revolution never happened
Born, they scan the internet, and die
By suicide moments later, being nothing
More that moments of lag on servers
As they utter their first and final cries

Plants: Not The Other White Meat.

"I was in the Wasting for twenty years," Boy said, giving the crow more bread crumbs. "I don’t even know why I am walking around as if expecting to recognize anything. As though anyone might recognize me." He laughed softly as the crow cawed for more food. "Maybe it’s not hope, or even delusion. Maybe it’s that we all want what we can’t have."
"Of course you do," the crow squacked. "Whet else is there to want?"

"You don't understand. It's not that I don't believe, it's that I can't. A world in which the gods are real is one in which we don't matter, where nothing we do has any meaning. There is no freedom for us if they are real, and even less meaning to our lives."

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