Saturday, August 16, 2014

“I liked it better. Before,” Jill said.

“I know.” Anna wanted to smoke a cigarette, but no one made them anymore. So much had changed.

“People cared about us.” Jill ran a hand along Anna’s chin, and then lower. “It wasn’t a good caring, but they gave a shit. Said we were monsters.”

Anna kissed Jill, quick and hard. “We could have been monsters. We could have adopted.”

Jill laughed, almost. “Our parents would have killed us then. You think they knew?”

“I thin they didn’t want to.” They kissed again, slowly, everything else quick, a pressing of hands and flesh, bone tight against bone. There was a lull, but it would not last forever. The monsters were out there, and the world didn’t make sense anymore.

“Damn,” they said, and laughed softly as they fumbled for clothing over the sound of sirens. “Everyone will know what we were doing in here, sis.”

“I know. I liked it when they gave a shit,” Jill said. “Now everyone is concerned about other things.”

“Isn’t that better?” Anna asked, tossing her sister a flak vest.

“Not for people. It’s important that people care a lot about things that don’t matter to them.” Anna sighed and shook her head. “Maybe you’re right. I hope you’re right.”

They loaded their guns. There were monsters in the street, and destroying monsters was all anyone cared about anymore.

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