Friday, September 12, 2014

A bevy of updates

So. Progress reports. HAH!

Let's see. I wrote ~30K of the darsverse tales short stories as an experiment in serial story fun all based on prompts. Did a novella for the magician series for nano in the summer (most of it won't survive the next draft, but that's normal so what they hey.) Wrote over 50 short stories for the magician series, and 3-4 for the Charlie Series.

Began rewriting the Ghoulish first novel in march. It hit about 20K and Boy and Fox rammed into my head to say hello violently all over the place. I blame Reynard Fox. I started work on that in May and It's September. It has hit 30K. Most of it is decent stuff, I think. I'm trying to write drafts I don't toss out entirely for the next draft, because I am horribly at writing drafts when I mostly know the plot already for what I'm writing. Boy and Fox also requires me writing it in short bursts or the tone slips more to my default style.

I've also been asked to consider contributing completed stuff for Things I Am Probably Not Allowed To Talk About. That may or may not happen. Which means finishing up the Miskatonic Elementary short YA bits because the only other thing I could really submit would be the magician series short stories, and short story collections don't sell.

As for the magician series, I'm going to do a novel for it as Nano. And then let it sit for several months while working on novel stuff. The short stories have been fun, but I have done over 110 short stories set in the world, 3 novellas and one novel. So this novel in November will be a stopping place for it for a good time, and a break from those characters. The downside of having multiple projects on the go with magic is that things can seep into each other and I'd rather avoid that if I can.

There's also 20 other short stories. It's not that the year hasn't been productive, but it has been relatively slow. A slowness that will lead to better finished drafts, I think, but still an odd place to be in for me. I've also realized that I need to have far more detailed notes on plots for stories after I finish the story, so the second draft doesn't involve quite as much flailing around. But that will be another post.


  1. Wow, you certainly have been productive...

    Sounds like you're getting more efficient overall, which is something I've tried to work on as well.

    Nice when you aren't throwing out every first draft, eh? ;)

    1. Yup :) The Miskatonic stuff is an odd situation: the first draft is basically a plot outline. The second is an expansion of that, so this third one is keeping a lot of stuff from both, and mostly a case of fleshing a lot out and trying to figure out what I can keep and discard. Amusingly I stole from the character of Iggy (a ten year old vampire) who lisped, and snagged the lisp idea as fitting for Jay in the magician series. But this makes it a bit hard to use Iggy as a lisping kid vampire now so I'm having fun rethinking him.