Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Too tired to write the start of a novel draft; having fun checking notes, altering names. EX: I had a monster-hunter named Glavon; after some googling to be sure it probably didn’t Mean Anything, it is now Galvin. Which has the benefit of being an actual name people use. The problem with my typing style is that I don’t know if Galvon was a conscious choice or a typo that I just used thereafter not realizing it was one.

I tend to be very scattershot in naming; sometimes I wait for a name to come to me, othertimes use a random generator several times and combine results, others do fun in-jokes no one reading the story will get. For example, one of the two groups of witches at war is a Bridge Club. Some of them even play bridge, so the members of it were named via combining first and last names of writers of books about bridge. All the werewolves in a chess club have names that mean wolf. There is nothing like that for the rest of the characters [I think] beyond some named for various hints/plots a reader might get.

That the rest of the names probably have no neat meanings or hints about them would probably drive someone mad who tried to find them. So this post might be a helpful note to literary scholars of the future. Or probably not.

… time to figure out more plot stuff.

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