Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nanowrimo musing bits

So. I began my notes a bit back with a single line: 'Jay buys a cell phone'. From there, the story is spiralling out into why magicians loathe the internet -- and, if they believe creatures from Outside are in it, the question of why they haven't damn-well banished them. It will involve entities from far, far Outside the universe, the death of a ghost and .

Some Story Bits:

  • Why does the oldest magician in the world take selfies at least once a day?
  • What if there truly is a monster from Outside the universe dwelling in the internet? What if they have made the internet too big to fail, and what does that phrase truly mean? 
  • The wandering magician once took on the Bank that dwells behind (or beside) other banks, and the scars of that are still with him: is he willing to do the same to the Internet, regardless of the price others will pay for those actions?
  • What happens when Jay isn’t allowed to play games on his phone for days?

It is basically intended to mark a new chapter for the characters and will probably be the last thing I do in the series for some time. I've been writing this series since the end of June 2013. The result has been 4 novella, over 120 short stories and, with this year's nano, 2 novels. Which is a lot in anything, and definitely something I need to take a mental break from or it will get far too stale and repetitive.

I might try another series of some kind, but not sure what genre or even the kind of story I'd end up telling. Shall see where things take me.

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  1. Well, let me take pity on you and answer those questions for you...

    The reason the oldest magician takes selfies every day is so she can store away small pieces of her soul, otherwise her several-lifetimes of experience might cause skull ruptures, and her overly wrinkled brain to ooze out a little...

    A creature on the internet, actually there are an entire race. Why else would such a large percentage be porn? (they're breeding...)

    ...I'm assuming you mean scars to his credit rating? I'm guessing this is why he no longer has a credit card... so much damage with those 'infinite' cards... ;)

    I would imagine breaking the 'bonds' of not playing/winning games would probably put him into a similar state as an addict's withdrawal... I know that music at the end of the level, after Mario beats Bowser, is like auditory crack cocaine for 10 year olds... to speak nothing of Candy Crush...