Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Edits and fixings oh my!

Editing of the story goes well so far. I have ~4-6K left to go through from the unfinished second draft, and this draft is already at least 4K longer than that one. The intro. scene has changed a few times and one character -- Iggy -- was changed a fair bit, but the core of the story is rather solid. I am not sure WHY I stopped writing the second draft of the story when I did -- especially when I hadn't reached my favourite scene from the first draft yet -- but the editing of it for this third draft has been simple as pie. The last 2-3 chapters have mostly been fixing tenses, clarifying some story bits and mostly using them entirely as written.

Which is a very nice change for another draft of a story. I figure by sometime this weekend I'll be writing entirely new stuff, and at ~40K of what will hopefully end up as a 60K story. Then there will be a pause for November and I'll work on the second story after that. The plan is to sell it as two short novels and/or one longer novel that is divided into two acts. The first act involves the vampires and werewolves, the second focusing on the witches of Arkham town. And, of course, how Clay fits into all of it and the real reasons his mom insisted they move to the town.

I do have some notes for another novel set just as they enter high school but I'm not sure if I'll get around to that or not anytime soon.

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