Saturday, October 25, 2014

Finishing a draft

And the third draft of novel 1 in the series is done. It clocked in at just under 40K (probably a little short for YA, but it'll be easy to make longer). I'll do the second/third draft of the second story in the new year and then see if they work better as separate stories or as one long story as I originally told it. It did take over a month, but I wrote short stories during that time, plotted some nano bits and everything else.

I am sure it needs to be longer, and will require one more draft, but that will wait until I draft the second novel up properly. That it took 4 hours to come up with a title for the second novel says a lot :)  I'm just glad I managed to finish it on time and shall now have crazy fun with nanowrimo, including making a new character just for the novel...


  1. Replies
    1. I do need to do the second novel and figure out if they work better as one novel than two smaller ones, but it shouldn't take as long to do. I can pretty much follow the plot (and keep a few chapters) from the first draft for it.