Saturday, November 24, 2012

The 'oh, crap' moment

Or, the one wherein I realize some of the ideas for the setting aren't working. Which will involve jettisoning about 20K and redoing another 20K of words.

I am 1K from 50K on this story, and think it will end in a very fast and ugly method so I can begin the next version with a more solid idea of the MCs voice. It will be a better story, and none of this is wasted since a lot of it might get reused, but still a very crappy thing to figure out.

Otoh, on the plus side I realized the story simply can't work as I originally envisioned the setting and I think I'm going to bump ages up a year or so. And that, for the voice to work, the novel has to function on some level as if it IS a voice to someone.

Which means I need to figure out who that someone is :)

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