Monday, November 05, 2012

Hitting Day 5 ...

Closing in on 30K; I'll likely end up with between 35-40K tomorrow and slowly begin ramping up the plot toward the climax, which will include Jake being on trial as well as Thomas running into one of the two antagonists that fix the story. (Neither has been named; the existence of both is so far only inferred. This is, probably, a Bad Move writing wise, but there is no way to have the one show up until the end anyway.)

I have also passed the end of plot, which means at some point I need to sit down and write out plot for the next few chapters in rough point-form to avoid the problem(s) of other novels where I throw in filler that makes no damn sense at all. OTOH, I'm having fun with the one character being genre-savvy and the secrets we keep from each other for -- in our minds -- their own good and what that does long-term to everyone.

On a plot level the War-derived sexism of the Kingdom was fun to explore, both in arguments for and against it along with other questions regarding how, in a society where nobles can have anyone killed on a whim, progress is made at all. One of the key points for this story is that the novel isn't sett on earth, so our morals and beliefs don't necessarily fit to this world, and the reserve is as true. It also makes it difficult to ask more complicated questions ...but that will be the subject of another post once I work it out for myself.


  1. Wow, fast like always!

    ...I hope to catch up today, when I finally get back home :)

  2. haven't had any truly 'fast' days as much as slow and steady ones hitting 5K to 7K, so at least it's solid. I CAN do more, but I find when I do is often when novels go a wee bit off rails and into crazy places that break them.

    Though one friend believes that cities that mine honeycomb underground already qualify as that.

    1. Okay, I read that honey-comb thing in the NaNo forums... and I think that's crazy cool.

    2. It came out of the idea of a human city made to resemble honeycomb and then went into a fun what-if? It will actually be a major plot point later when the whole city is altered magically to free the land from the tyranny of the nobility ... unless I forget that plot by novel's end :p

    3. Hahahaha... unless you forget ;)