Thursday, January 03, 2013

And back from vacation; actually managed to write close to 5K on two projects, most on the Untitled Boy-After-Fox Project, ,the rest on Ghoulish Happenings. It is, also very hard to write with relatives peering over your shoulder as you write ... but hey. New year, had a good time, but I doubt the mayan-botherers did at all.

An excerpt:

"You don't need to worry about power: you have the names of every angel inside you, both their use names and true names, the power to call and bind –." Boy shakes his head. "Think of it like the ability to summon dinosaurs and possibly control them."

"Dinosaurs," Zex says in tandem with Hole, his tone pure shock to her delight.

"It's a good metaphor."

"A dinosaur is not an angel." Hole's voice is firm and unamused.

"They're big and scary; it works," Boy says.

The god just shakes his head in despair as Zex looks up at Boy. "There's a 'but' in that, right? Cuz there's a 'but' in everything."

"The reason Hole asked you to come here, I imagine. I imagine they wipe your memory to protect themselves and since you now know what they are and can do..." Boy trails off.

"But you're a magician. Can't you just," she waves a hand, "poof?"

"If I could, do you think I'd be in this apartment?"

"It could be camouflage. The good kind?" she adds after looking about it again.

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