Monday, January 21, 2013

YA Research. Really. Honest.

Probably, one should not do research while writing the novel in question, but what the hell. Soon-to-be-current reads include:

Food for the Dead, a folklorists look at vampires in New England (mostly for the chapter on ghouls..)

A History of Cannibalism and

Cannibal Killers: murderers who kill and eat their victims.

To be fair, most of this research will probably go into the sequel but it is nicely weird to be researching this for what is still, in my head, YA.


  1. Mmmmm... I know I'M hungry...


  2. I have vague plans for the novel that involve some people trying to drive Wray from the city. Via causing him to be framed for cannibalistic murder (among other things). Also figured a ghoul would try and learn about that himself as he's one of only two in the country and there's not that much data on 'em around.