Sunday, November 16, 2014


So. Uhm. I don’t wanna write this. But Charlie thaid I have to. To explain, and things.
Last week was bad. I’d been having nightmareth for months, sucking my thumb raw and Honcho was pretending he didn’t notithe because friends do that even if we were bound together and it ended up in this town up in Canada which wasn’t real. I mean, the town wasn’t real.

Canada is real. I’ve googled it. (Charlie wants me to thay that googling doesn’t equal real, but I knew that.) The town was a trap made by an ex-magician Honcho had me strip the magic from and he’d become some anti-magic and evil and called an Emissary from the Far Reacheth which ….
It’th a really bad place. Plathes. Bad ones. The Emissaries undo bindings in the univerthe just by existing, by being present like a wound, like something too real and it hurts to thee them even. And Joey called one, and Honcho asked me to see every binding of it to stop it and it hurt and

my eyes smoked. Eyes don’t do that, not even mine. And there wath smoke and it hurt a lot and Joey was gone and I wathn’t unmade. I could have been, but I survived and my lisp thomehow is mostly gone before you don’t survive that and not be changed and I don’t need to suck my thumb at all anymore. I can, but it doesn’t do anything for me binding myself.
Tho I don’t, becuase Charlie doesn’t like it and I’m just delaying now because I don’t want to talk about thith at all but my vision is all weird and blurred and bad, but I can still see bindings just fine! I’m fine! I AM! But Honcho didn’t think so and it hurt him and

he said he had to leave me with Charlie
and left with a fae named Dana
and he’s gone but he’s my friend
and bindings are breaking
and it hurts all the time.

I can’t cry right anymore, but I make sounds and I guess that made line breakth in the speech-to-text program on my phone. I don’t know. I like Charlie, but Charlie ithn’t Honcho and it hurts that he won’t come back and everything hurts too much and I’m trying to be happy so I don’t hurt Charlie but I think that hurts her too and I don’t know and

Charlie just gave me a huge hug.

It helps. I’ll be OK tomorrow. I’ll be better then.

I’m thorry if I made you sad:(

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