Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Huzzah and Hooray!

7K written today, at 103K in total at present. ~62K was the first draft of Drowning Magics (as ever, the ending came too quick and was too rushed, but that is always me and first draft endings. It's a framework, with things to fix and alter.) ~8K is the Too Many Murders draft piece, which was set aside. I could have finished it, or finished something, but it would have been just words for the sake of words, which I find to be a waste of time.

(We will pause for the irony of that, given how much I sometimes write in November, but it is true.)

Generally I use nanowrimo for one real draft, one get-this-out-of-my-head draft and generally, depending on time and desire, something that comes up entirely during the month of brainstorming crazy-fun. It all depends on time, energy and inclination. If it stops being fun and feels forced, I stop doing it.

Also working out plans in my head for Dec/Jan writing, and figure to spend Feb-? doing the second draft of Curdled Magics and then look into collecting the first year of the magician series stories for a print version (via lulu and/or create space, I think). After that I get to figure out how to fix what was going wrong with Boy & Fox, damn it. Sadly, the actual plot-thread the evil Elm Street house) is something that fits the magician series far better than Boy & Fox, so I'll probably scrap 10K of words as I clear it out and fix it up. Shall be fun :)

Depending on how things go, I might alter the plan for the Boy/Fox and magician series stuff. Nothing set in stone in the order of them, but I do want to get them all done.

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